My daughter was married in Pawley’s Island, SC on May 31st which makes me the mother of the bride.  I searched for a wedding planner on the internet and found Engaging Events.  Engaging events is located in Charleston, SC and the wedding planner is Cindy Zingerella.  I thought there was probably no coincidence that her last name reminds you of Cinderella from the perspective of “happily ever after”.  I was looking for a boutique experience and Cindy was brilliant.  She was everything a wedding planner should be:  detail oriented, creative, a problem solver, politician, etiquette expert, counselor,  and always the ultimate professional.  She also had a good sense of humor which is quite welcome when things get a little tense.

One always wonders why they plan an outside event when rain threatens, but Cindy had every back up plan in place.  We experienced some minor flooding issues days before the wedding on the same spot that the reception was held.  She never alerted my daughter as to avoid any undue stress to her leading up to the big day.  I was confident that no matter what problems might present themselves, she would find a way to work around it to make the event a very special day.  Her vendors were excellent, and it was clear they loved working with her.  She was always polite, professional, and extremely organized. I expect that organization and attention to detail is a very big reason why the vendors enjoyed working for Cindy.  The wedding and reception were beautiful and captured exactly what my daughter had envisioned.  Cindy took her every consideration in to account as well as any input her fiancé had to create a match for them.  Her good taste was all that was required to bring it all together.

Cindy’s first loyalty was to the bride and groom but always respected whatever input I had or answered any questions that I had.  We also had some special issues with the family dynamics in which she was very helpful, and sensitive to the various players.  I would highly recommend Cindy as your wedding planner especially if you are looking for a day that is customized, and worry free.  It has been an honor and privilege to work with her.