Cocktails, yes please!

 Need a fun, creative way to make your cocktail hour stand out? Why not choose an amazing specialty drink for all your guests to sip on while they are waiting to celebrate YOU!

Placing a unique drink tower as a focal point does not only add elegance to your big day, but also helps take a lot of pressure off your bartenders. Having a drink pre-made for your guests to quickly grab and start sippin’ helps avoid the usual swarming of the bar right after the ceremony.


Yes, here in the South, Sweet-Tea Vodka and Lemonade is “the go-to” obvious drink of choice. But why not mix it up? Here are a few tips on how to choose your signature drink: Choose something with a pop of color, but also that goes with your theme! Don’t over complicate your drink; keep it simple with one or two liquors and a mixer. Then top it off with some colorful fruit or garnish. Pick something that is sentimental to you—this day is all about you and your other half. Give people a taste of what makes you a unique couple. Last but not least, TRY your own drink! No one wants to serve a cocktail that isn’t tasty. Make your signature drink something all your guests, hopefully, will remember.

Drinks 1

Drinks 2


What does a Partial Planning Package Include?

All of the services in our Month  of Package, plus assistance with selecting a caterer and menu, bar offerings, wedding cake design and hiring a baker, ceremony and reception entertainment, photography, and videography.

Something Old, Something New…

Every bride has heard the saying  “Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.  And a silver six pence in her shoe.”  But what is the story behind the tradition and what is the significance of each item!

This popular  rhyme has been used by brides since the Victorian Era.  Each phrase of the rhyme is said to be a good luck token for the bride to be.  “Something Old” represents the brides old life.  In  the old days, if you married above your class, this helped serve as a grounding force.  Reminding you this is just a new chapter in your life.  In the photo below the bride’s future father in law gave her the groom’s late mothers pearls to incorporate into the day – she chose to use it in her bouquet wrap……


“Something New” represents the couple’s new life together and their future.  For Megan and Scott, Scott gave Megan a beautiful necklace and earrings set which she wore the day of their wedding day.


“Something Borrowed” is to be from a happily married woman and meant to carry over the good fortune.  It also shows love and admiration for the person you borrowed it from. In the photo below, Erin’s grandmother’s broach on her sash was that something special.


“Something Blue” represents purity, fidelity and love. Katie’s fabulously fun shoes below became her something blue on  her special day.


In modern times “A silver sixpence in her shoe” is often left out of the popular rhythm, but represented financial security and future wealth.  Since the sixpence is no longer made in Britain many American brides choose a shiny penny instead!

When you  follow this good luck tradition have fun and pick items  that are uniquely you!