A Lowcountry Wedding

Rachel and William’s preppy summer wedding has been featured! The Creek Club at I’on was the perfect backdrop for her garden party inspired wedding. They even added in a touch of the groom’s Texas roots; from the corn hole boards, to the groom’s cake, and even a Texas bourbon bar!


Will you be my bridesmaid?

Your soon to be hubby just popped the question and you said yes! You’re engaged!! So what’s next? Choosing which of your friends and loved ones to stand up there with you on your big day. Proposals have become more extravagant these days so of course asking your girlfriend to be your bridesmaid needs to be up there too.

Sonali Lamba, co-founder of, summed it up best: “Being a bridesmaid can be a large time and financial commitment. We think it’s so important to show these girls how much they mean to you- and how much you appreciate their willingness to help you.” It’s undeniable how much time you’ll be spending together before and on your wedding day, so it’s a thoughtful gesture to spoil them with a sweet invitation and gift. Here are a few memorable ways to “pop the question” in style for your girls.

Just recently one of my best friends got engaged and sent me THE cutest bridesmaid “proposal”. It came in a beautiful gold package, filled inside with fun tissue paper and gold confetti. Then wrapped up was a sweet gold and white Kate Spade card, inside her hand written note, and the most awesome hot pink tank top-with an inside joke on the front and #Bridesmaid with the date on the back. It was such a cute, personalized gift that had meaning to not only her but us as well.

You can go as simple as a personalized koozie or a small box filled with pictures of the two of you and a note etc… Or if you want to go with funny and stylish try a silly note promising NO bows on the butt or an ugly dress and send it with a bottle of wine dressed up with a personalized label. And you both know you’ll be enjoying that bottle together very soon! Then there’s always DIY picture frames with names painted on them, to cookies and cupcakes, balloons and much more.

No matter how silly your gift may be just remember to keep it personable. Whether it’s alcohol, edibles, a box full of mementos, or a sweet hand-written note, all of these “proposal” ideas will forever be associated with your big day and how they were asked to be a part of it. You can’t forget your bridesmaids can be your voice of reason when things get crazy on the big day. So make sure when you “pop the question” it’s meaningful and inevitable they will say YES!

The Wedding Row

Autumn and Philip’s vintage inspired wedding at the Veranda at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens has been featured! We love all the unique details the couple included such as the typewritter for guests to write words of wisdom to the newlyweds, the globe for guests to sign, and the vintage books that we placed around the reception.

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Featured Venue: Legare Waring House

If you are the type of bride that has an interest in history then the Legare Waring House is a perfect fit for you! This beautiful home was built in the 1840s. In the 1930’s, Ferdinanda Izlar Legare Backer Waring became the sole owner of Old Town Plantation and the last of nine families to own the property. Moving into the house by the 1950’s, she and her husband Joseph Loor Waring transformed the house into an elegant early representation of an antebellum plantation home. Expanding it to three times its original size, it became a quaint home and an entertainers dream. Today the home is now part of a state park, thanks to former Governor Mark Sanford. The home was used by previous Governors as their Lowcountry Home but, since Mark Sanford was from the area and did not need use of the home, it became available for rent by the public.  We love this property for many reasons; the beautiful gardens, the exquisite old plantation home, the lawn that overlooks the crystal lagoons, but the best thing by far is the majestic avenue of oaks.




There are multiple options for a ceremony location; the wedding garden, the wedding tree, the lagoon, however, the avenue of oaks is usually what seals the deal. It is a picturesque backdrop for your ceremony where the oaks are dripping in Spanish moss. No matter which location you choose you are sure to have a beautiful setting. With this venue your guests get a true feel for the beauty of the south.





You could hold your reception on the patio of the house or under the oaks. We have seen both options many times. Some prefer to dress it up a little bit with a beautifully draped tent, chandeliers, and a plated dinner with a fun china pattern on the table. While others love the rustic open air feel with café lights hanging above farm tables filled with wildflowers. This venue can accommodate any style and still add that touch of southern charm you are looking for.




Southeastern Bride

Andrea and Hugh’s timeless wedding at the stunning Middleton Plantation has been featured! We love the vintage feel of this wedding. It was an absolutely perfect day and the guests were able to dance under the stars all night!


A Lowcountry Wedding

James and Ashley’s beautiful Kiawah Wedding at Osprey Point has been featured this week!

The cream, green, and blue hues were perfect for their October wedding.


Late Nite Treats!

We all know Wedding Receptions typically end with a big send off; whether it may be sparklers or rose petals, that’s what everyone expects. However, before you say your goodbyes…why not surprise your guests with a little late night tasty treat?!


First off- Go miniature! Keep it small and simple, that way it’s easier to grab and eat on the move. Consider a bite-sized treat that matches your theme; for example: You have designed an intimate southern ceremony, end the night with a sweet treat such as a mini pecan pie; perhaps you’ve planned an elegant sit down dinner- surprise your guests with an ice cream sundae bar! If you are like many of the couples we have met,  you may want to go with a guilty pleasure of yours…possibly Chick –Fil – A minis, or Cheeseburger Sliders. Yum!








A practical reason to have some late night munchies is to help your guests offset those liquid libations they may have endulged in. It’s safe to say that most of your friends have likely spent a good amount of time at that open bar…no one wants to go home on an empty stomach. Some of our personal favorite late night treats are breakfast sandwiches, taco station, chicken and waffles, or a popcorn bar; the options are endless! Remember, personalize your wedding, give your guests the munchies they need, and most of all have fun! Trust me,  this laid back (or elegant) detail will be sure to have everyone talking the next day!


Borrowed and Blue

Anna and William’s charming wedding at Magnolia Plantation has been featured this week! There were so many beautiful details and Richard Bell Photography was able to capture it all!


Borrowed and Blue

The Wedding Row

Jennifer and Michael’s beautiful Oceanside wedding on Kiawah has been featured on The Wedding Row this week! The ceremony took place on the lawn right before sunset and guests danced all night long to the Might Kicks.

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Cocktails, yes please!

 Need a fun, creative way to make your cocktail hour stand out? Why not choose an amazing specialty drink for all your guests to sip on while they are waiting to celebrate YOU!

Placing a unique drink tower as a focal point does not only add elegance to your big day, but also helps take a lot of pressure off your bartenders. Having a drink pre-made for your guests to quickly grab and start sippin’ helps avoid the usual swarming of the bar right after the ceremony.


Yes, here in the South, Sweet-Tea Vodka and Lemonade is “the go-to” obvious drink of choice. But why not mix it up? Here are a few tips on how to choose your signature drink: Choose something with a pop of color, but also that goes with your theme! Don’t over complicate your drink; keep it simple with one or two liquors and a mixer. Then top it off with some colorful fruit or garnish. Pick something that is sentimental to you—this day is all about you and your other half. Give people a taste of what makes you a unique couple. Last but not least, TRY your own drink! No one wants to serve a cocktail that isn’t tasty. Make your signature drink something all your guests, hopefully, will remember.

Drinks 1

Drinks 2