When my daughter decided to have a wedding out of town, she also implored for the services of a wedding consultant. My “kneejerk” with all of the imminent expenses, was NO NO NO. after pleading her case, I relented. It was not only a GREAT decision, but with the savings was absolutely cost efficient. Cindy was not only skilled in finding deals, but methodical, efficient, dealt with quality venders, tireless in her effort, accessible, and reassuring to all in the process. Cindy was there from start to finish, in the background, to make sure that all went well, even giving ol’ dad his prompts. At the departure of the “new” couple, Cindy was still there, with her crew, to not only dismantle, but to make sure all needs had been met. I absolutely credit Cindy with the success of the wedding, and the compliments of the attendees, and for actually doing this in a very cost-efficient manner!