My experience with Cindy (and her staff) at Engaging Events was very positive in all aspects. I approached Cindy, by telephone, on short notice and was somewhat concerned if she would be able to put in place what I envisioned (due to the short time-frame). However, at our very first meeting, this concern was alleviated. She was very organized and efficient and stayed on-task throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend Cindy if you are looking for someone that demonstrates professionalism and honesty. She always provided her opinions as needed… but, never lost sight of the fact that this was ‘my event’ and therefore, stayed focused on creating what I wanted. I think this is sometimes lost with event planners – the end-result is often what they envision… not what the client envisions. On the day of the event, I knew Cindy was always nearby if I needed her, much like a good friend would be there for you. I actually didn’t need anything, because all was taken care of by her and her staff. However, it was comforting to know that she was right there if a need did arise. Cindy and her staff were a pleasure to work with and she helped to create such a wonderful day filled with treasured memories for my husband and me. Our family and friends had a wonderful time and the feedback from them was all very positive. The words ‘memorable’ and ‘magical’ and ‘beautiful’ were the ones most cited. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you Cindy and everyone who helped create my/our special day! I am so glad that I hired Engaging Events!