We all know Wedding Receptions typically end with a big send off; whether it may be sparklers or rose petals, that’s what everyone expects. However, before you say your goodbyes…why not surprise your guests with a little late night tasty treat?!


First off- Go miniature! Keep it small and simple, that way it’s easier to grab and eat on the move. Consider a bite-sized treat that matches your theme; for example: You have designed an intimate southern ceremony, end the night with a sweet treat such as a mini pecan pie; perhaps you’ve planned an elegant sit down dinner- surprise your guests with an ice cream sundae bar! If you are like many of the couples we have met,  you may want to go with a guilty pleasure of yours…possibly Chick –Fil – A minis, or Cheeseburger Sliders. Yum!








A practical reason to have some late night munchies is to help your guests offset those liquid libations they may have endulged in. It’s safe to say that most of your friends have likely spent a good amount of time at that open bar…no one wants to go home on an empty stomach. Some of our personal favorite late night treats are breakfast sandwiches, taco station, chicken and waffles, or a popcorn bar; the options are endless! Remember, personalize your wedding, give your guests the munchies they need, and most of all have fun! Trust me,  this laid back (or elegant) detail will be sure to have everyone talking the next day!