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Hilary and Kyle’s Wedding

Photos by: MCG Photography

Spectacular Departures

There are many traditions and rituals performed during the celebration of marriage, and the getaway car is one of my favorites!

So many choices and decorating options, its such a fun way to end the night!

After guests say their good-bye’s what better way to announce the newlyweds to the rest of the world than with the clamor of tin cans and a “Just Married” sign!

A classic way to leave in style is in Rolls Royce.

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The best part about a getaway car is it doesn’t have to be a car at all!

Kristin and Ryan left in a  decorated golf cart!


Kristen and John chose to have their golf cart decorated with a cute sign, tulle, and even Christmas lights!


Horse drawn carriages are another alternative to the traditional car.

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In Charleston we are lucky to have unique  getaway options.

The bicycle taxi’s known in Charleston as the Rickshaw are great because they are affordable and environmentally friendly!

Another favorite is Charleston Black Cab.  These classic and antique looking cabs came straight from London!


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William Aiken House

Janis & Dave

October 3, 2009

The William Aiken House

 Janis & Dave are a very fun and quirky couple!

Janis is very detail oriented and really knows what she likes.

Dave likes pretty much whatever Janis likes but he also had some special requests for their day.


I have to say that I am not always a fan of using the bridge over the pond at the William Aiken House –

But the way we used it for Janis and Dave may have changed my mind!

We covered the bridge in white fabric, and then used a custom aisle runner with their monogram and a gold border to finish it off!

Judy and her team created an gorgeous “altar” area using the existing pergola and greenery, roses, lilies, and hydrangea.

– and of course I can’t forget about our wrought iron lanterns that also hung in between the columns of the pergola.

It was all done so tastefully and created such a romantic setting.

HoffFaile281-1                       HoffFaile312-1

Photo’s By Lowcountry Photojournalism

As I said, Dave did have some requests of his own ~

One of which was to have a vocalist sing a song or two in Italian during the ceremony.

Anne Marie Fairchild is a local vocalist that I have had the priviledge of hiring  a few times.

She started off the ceremony with Ava Maria and then, during the ceremony,

 sang “The Prayer” – and at Dave’s request – in Italian!!!

Thank you Anne Marie!

For the reception ~ Janis liked the 1950’s era and so the florals and textured linens really helped us to create that look.

DRS_0303-1            DRS_0317-1

Damon R. Smith Photography

A Candy Station in the Dining Room was such a hit ~ from the begining to the end of the night!


Lowcountry Photojournalism

Elaine Mincey – of Elaine’s Events Cakes of Distinction – provided us with her

Sugar Mangnolia Cake ~ You may have seen it in magazines before ~ If not, Check it out here…

The woman must have the patience of a saint to hand make all of those sugar Magnolia’s!!!


Lowcountry Photojournalism

The Dance Tent did not Disappoint!

We Fashioned the tent with Gold Satin fabric accents and hung our crystal chandeliers…

Judy and her team created beautiful tall and short arrangements  that were just stunning upon entering the tent.


Damon R. Smith Photography

Janis & Dave danced the night away and then finished the night off with a sparkler departure ~

and of course…a romantic carriage ride.

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Congratulations Janis and Dave!!!

Kristen & Scotty’s Wedding

Wedding ~ November 15, 2009

Kristen & Scotty From Greensboro, NC

The Ceremony took place at the First Baptist Church in Downtown Charleston and the reception followed at the Historic Rice Mill.

*Features*  ~ Be sure to check out our new lampshade pendants and the fabulous green draping used on the ceiling of  Rice Mills patio! 

Kristen & Scotty’s wedding invitations had the sea oats on them and Elaine Mincey, of Elaines Creative Cakes, carried that through so beautifully onto their cake…

Candlescapes with coffee beans added that cozy aroma as well as incorporating in with the color scheme.  Kristen was actually a little worried at the beginning about her choice in color scheme…she loved coral, apple green, and chocolate brown colors, and how they complimented each other but was concerened that it not end up looking like a spring wedding since it was taking place in November.  I think the way we used the color was a home run!  They each had their place in the design but with some simple creative design elements, we created a truly charming, cozy fall wedding.

The Joe Clarke Quartet provided that big band sound during their reception…

…Kristen & Scotty then finished off their wonderful evening with a horse and carriage ride back to the romantic and charming French Quarter Inn.