Cindy was an amazing wedding planner. From the beginning even before we had signed a contract she was fully invested in our interests and concerns. As soon as we officially chose Cindy she was immediately able to get the high level details she needed from us to begin the planning process. It was a very fun but structured process to get us thinking about all of the necessary facets along with giving Cindy an idea of our priorities and We were a destination wedding and were only able to be in Charleston a few times before the wedding. Cindy was great at both getting all of the information and ideas from us and reflecting it back to us over the phone as well as incredibly structured and productive days when we were in town. The wedding and rehearsal dinner were both incredibly amazing and beautiful. Both had unique styles and tastes but came together in an amazing fashion. We wanted everyone at our wedding to know who Cindy was because she was so truly amazing and such an integral part of our wonderful day.