Laura, Bride

Cindy and the staff at Engaging Events met and exceeded our expectations for our wedding.
It is rare to meet a person like Cindy – exceptionally organized with an unrivaled attention to detail, who can also offer creative and inventive ideas and solutions to her clients. This unique combination makes her an incredible asset to anyone planning a wedding or other special event.
Cindy worked diligently to get us the items and vendors that we knew we wanted and, when we weren’t knowledgeable or particularly opinionated, provided us with invaluable guidance and recommendations in line with our budget and style. In addition, Cindy was able to anticipate our needs and the needs of our vendors such that there were no unexpected costs or unresolved issues at the time of the wedding.
Cindy is meticulous in her planning and organization, resulting in seamless and efficient meetings and events. Needless to say, the exceedingly small to-do list and supreme confidence in Cindy’s abilities left me, my groom, and our families relaxed and at ease in the days before the wedding.
Not only is Cindy a consummate professional, she also takes a vested interest in each of her clients. The personal involvement and genuine consideration that Cindy and her staff devote to their clients form the basis for lasting relationships that go beyond the wedding planning process.
We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Cindy and her staff and are truly appreciative of their efforts to make our wedding enjoyable, memorable, and special for us, our family, and our friends.

SRS, Bride

My experience with Cindy (and her staff) at Engaging Events was very positive in all aspects. I approached Cindy, by telephone, on short notice and was somewhat concerned if she would be able to put in place what I envisioned (due to the short time-frame). However, at our very first meeting, this concern was alleviated. She was very organized and efficient and stayed on-task throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend Cindy if you are looking for someone that demonstrates professionalism and honesty. She always provided her opinions as needed… but, never lost sight of the fact that this was ‘my event’ and therefore, stayed focused on creating what I wanted. I think this is sometimes lost with event planners – the end-result is often what they envision… not what the client envisions. On the day of the event, I knew Cindy was always nearby if I needed her, much like a good friend would be there for you. I actually didn’t need anything, because all was taken care of by her and her staff. However, it was comforting to know that she was right there if a need did arise. Cindy and her staff were a pleasure to work with and she helped to create such a wonderful day filled with treasured memories for my husband and me. Our family and friends had a wonderful time and the feedback from them was all very positive. The words ‘memorable’ and ‘magical’ and ‘beautiful’ were the ones most cited. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you Cindy and everyone who helped create my/our special day! I am so glad that I hired Engaging Events!

Briana, Bride

Thank you so much for everything! I can’t imagine having planned the wedding without you! From our first phone conversation, I knew that choosing you to coordinate our wedding would be the right choice. I have been so impressed with you – you are the best! Thank you for being so amazing – I just know Saturday will be a perfect showcase of all of our work. Thank you for doing such an amazing job. Please send requests for referrals my way – I will gladly oblige!

Brian and Kendra, Mother and Father of the Bride

I have been so impressed through the whole process with your attention to details, your professionalism, your bubbly personality and your effort in taking charge and making anything and everything happen, and in a timely manner. I am sure you are why this has been so much fun for us, instead of stressful. We have all trusted you completely on taking Briana and Ben’s ideas and making them happen, so that this day really represented them and their vision. Thank you so much for making this very special day such a wonderful memory for all of us. We truly appreciate everything you have done and have the utmost respect and admiration for you.

Heather, Bride

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for our wedding! You did an absolutely amazing job. We really couldn’t have asked for anything better (even the weather was perfect!) We had a fabulous day and so did our families and friends. Now that I am looking at the pictures, I am noticing tons of details that I didn’t have time to see on the day. Everything was just so beautiful! I really can’t thank you enough!

Kathleen, Mother of Bride

Thank you for everything. It was perfect and full of magic. Everyone had a wonderful time. We had peace of mind and enjoyed every moment because you were taking care of everything. I know you take great pride in you work. You guided us to the best photographer, florist, etc. Impressive they all knew our names. Friends and family members have sent thank you emails and pictures already. You should be proud the wedding was been quoted as the best wedding they have ever attended. They loved the sparklers, setting, attention to details, etc. Most of all they all had a great time.

Karen, Mother of the Bride

The wedding was magical! Thank you for making our time with friends and our families so beautiful! You made everything so easy. The whole night went so smoothly because of all your hard work and attention to every detail! You made the night very special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lisa, Mother of the Bride

You are the crème de la crème of wedding planners. If anything went wrong at the wedding or reception I don’t even know what it was. For me, and everyone I’ve spoken to, it was the perfect evening. The only thing I can’t give you credit for was that it didn’t rain! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making this so special for Chloe and Preston. She had a vision of her wedding day and you were able to make it happen. The caterer, the band, the venue, the flowers, the cake and the car – it was all just right. Thank you so much for your professionalism and hands-on commitment to our event. Your personal attention to every detail was very reassuring and made my job easy – just show up and have fun!

Katie, Bride

I just wanted to let you know that you made our wedding amazing! I couldn’t have pictured it better in my dreams, and if there was anything that went wrong.I sure didn’t know! Chad and I absolutely loved getting to know you and hope that we get to see you again soon. Don’t say it’s over! I know it’s been a couple of months, but it is still fresh in our minds how special you made our wedding day, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

Katie and Mike, Bride and Groom

We just wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team put into our wedding. Everything turned out perfect and I know that none of it would have been possible without you! Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and then some (even the rain turned out to be perfect). We have received numerous compliments from family and friends. From décor to the food to the locations, everyone had a great time! Thanks again and if you ever need a reference just let us know!